Who gives AF about a memo??”: Why what the republicans approved this week is a game changer

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February 1st, 2018

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I know like most people, many of you just don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with all the scandals, rumors & illegal activity of the Trump precidency. I mean we have jobs, bills & mouths to feed, who has the time in this political climate, where everyday it seems we’re on the verge of nuclear war on twitter, to pay attention to everything. But that’s why I’m here to sound the alarm when some shit wrong is about to happen. Well dammit *Ring Ring Ring* MFer, (That’s my alarm sound) there is something on the horizon that could change America forever.
Recently the Republican party has been hyping a memo(Of which they wrote) that will exonerate Donald Trump in the Russia investigation by proving corruption in the FBI. But to understand why that’s a problem, you 1st have to understand how they got that information & how they came to that conclusion.
1. Keep it on the Down Low
The information in the memo was givien to top members of congress in the House Intelligence commitee to assist them in their investigation into Russia hacking the election. It was top secret information for only the top democrat Adam Schiff & top republican Devin Nunes. Only those 2 members & 4 members of their office were allowed to see this information & sharing it beyond that was considered illegal &  a breach of an aggreement between the the FBI & congress. To put that in perspective,  we spent 2016 worrying about Hillary Clinton using a private email server illegally. Now there are members of Congress planning to release top secret FBI information to the American public as a propaganda tool to cover up a much deeper crime by the President.
2. Well what’s in it?? 
Apparently the FBI was trying to to alert members of congress that  Donald Trump had a Russian spy recruit working for his campaign. Say what now?? Yes, former Trump surrogate & campaign member Carter Page was apart of a Russian spy ring investigation in which  he was actively being recruited by Moscow to leak information and be a foreign agent in 2013. Because of which the FISA court(Foreign intelligence Surveillance Act) issued a warrant allowing the FBI to monitor Pages contacts. Most FISA warrants last only 90 days, Carter Page has been under surveillance the last 5 yrs even as a member of the Trump campaign. Which is where we get to the bullshit
3. Why you always lying
In an attempt to stall the investigation, former Trump campaign member & Mr. Crab look a like Devin Nunes decided to shop this sensivtive information around to other republicans in congress(illegally) in an attempt to use it to prove the Trump campaign was being spied on by the FBI.
But the memo itself is meant to be a disinformation campaign to sway the public’s opinion about Trump, Russia & the FBI itself. But is conviently meant to leave out Pages apparent ties Russian spies to began with. It’s a classic case of watch the right hand while the left hand hide shit. & The hype of the memo is timed with coordination with Russian internet bots(According to the CIA & FBI) that have flooded social media & youtube comments with the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo.
New FBI director Christopher Wray who overlooked the memo had “Grave concerns” about it &  said it “Didn’t tell the whole story” & was “Misleading”. The FBI itself relesed a statement yesterday stating the memo had “Material omissions” that “That fundamentally affected the memo’s accuraccy.”
3. Watch out lil bihhh
The FBI & DOJ was so alarmed by the attempt to make the memo public, they warned both congress & the white house about it’s release. They called it “Extremely reckless” & “Dangerous” & suggested that the info be vetted by them 1st for fear it could endanger agents, sources & reveal techniques the Burea uses to collect information & defend against foreign countries. Basically somebody could get murked because of this or even worse, hostile countries like Russia or China could have a window into how the U.S spies on them & could use that to possibly infiltrate or defend against it in the future. Maybe reverse engineer to spy on us in return. Trump apparently got pissed about this warning & yelled at people. Wonder why?
4.  I knew yall was weak
 Now house republicans with the approval of Speaker Paul Ryan & Trump himself have voted to release this memo that includes highly sensitive material as a way to shut down the investigation & possibly purge the FBI of anyone willing to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Now while this is a problem itself what this will do to the Justice department & the seperation of powers between the Executive, Judicial, & legislative branch could turn America closer to an Autocracy, where the
President can move with almost immunity by elimanting legal opposition & using Congress as background dancers to do his work. The republicans also voted against having the FBI look at the memo to see if any names were in it, or if any info released would be too sensitive or dangerous to national security.
 & the republicans in the House Intelligence commitee also voted down a democratic version if the memo, that would include Paiges background with Russian spies & why he was under surveillance in the 1st place.
5. Hooked on phonics
Not only did the republicans not have the FBI view the memo, they didn’t read the memo themselves. That’s right folks congress is planning on releasing a memo full of secret information they have not read nor do they know if any information endagers agents in the FBI or American citizens themselves. Welcome to 2018
Update: Congressman Adam Schiff said last night that Devin Nunes sent the White House an “Altered version of the memo” whatever that means

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