What’s Real??: Has keeping it real become extinct

What’s Real??: Has keeping it real become extinct

EZ Brvnchld

July 8th, 2017

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While everybody has been paranoid over the “Death of Hip Hop” I’ve been much more concerned about the death of “Keepin’ it real” or “Being real” rather, something else that has been on a sure decline.

I mean what’s being “Real”anyway?? I don’t mean real by today’s standards, I mean real in general, or at least according to the 90s definition. To me being real has always meant, being “Honest” and staying true to oneself. But what if you’re a dishonest and disloyal person?? Then staying true to that wouldn’t make you real at all. Growing up in the inner city there were certain rules and regulations to being real. A certain code of ethics you had to maintain and follow in order classify yourself as a “Real Person.” But after I went to college I noticed that those rules and regulations for being real changed the further outside the confines of my city and the neighborhood I grew up in I got. The definition of “Keepin it real” in South Dallas is different from what it is to somebody from Pearland,Tx, 1 of the nicer suburbs of Houston. And the same can be said for Wylie, Texarkana, Baton rogue, Compton or any city that’s not my own. Keepin it real obviuosly had juristriction & seemed to change depending on location. And to make matters worse, around the sametime Plies was promoting his “Goon” lifestyle, and Lil Wayne had captured the minds of every college and highschool student with ears, the concept of keeping it “real” became oversaturated and confused with other traits that were as fictional as the music. Keepin it real had become fad & as taboo as facial tattoos or sagging your pants in a freshly creased pair of Girbaud jeans. Much like gangbagging being real started to lose all substance and meaning with each new generation. Someone could commit as many trifling and untrustworthy offense as they wanted under the guise of “I was keepin’ it real”, no matter how far from the truth that actually is. The whole term had become diluted to the point where it is beilieved and used less and less now. In this new generation of hip hop, they worry less about being “real” and more about swag. Having swag doesn’t require you to “Keep it real” and allows for freedom and inviduality unseen in hip hop in over 20 yrs. But that allows for the persona created by that swag, to be as phony and disrespectful as the person wants, without the code of being “real” to abide to. So I ask you, has “Keepin’ it real become extinct, or is it’s decline just another fad waiting on it’s return?

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