What Happened?!?!?!?

What Happened?!?!?!?


January 29th, 2018

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Quick update I recently became employed by Funimation and Sony Pictures. I wanted to make sure I could handle my job responsibilities once I finished school last year so I postponed releasing music until 2018. Im very excited about this new venture because it was something I was fascinated with when I was younger. With that being said, yes…there is new music coming and being released THIS MONTH!!! NEXT WEEK!!! Thats something to be excited about. If you follow me on Instagram or any social media you already know what the 1st track is and when its going to be released exactly lol…I advise everyone to follow me on everything including snapchat because I put up pictures from everyday life as well as behind the scene footage of recording sessions at Funimation. I appreciate all the support and all the congratulatory remarks. I am truly happy…what would make me even happier is if I could retire from my other job but thats a completely different story haha. There will be another post tomorrow with cover art and details for the track release…


stay tuned…


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