Last Season And This Season

Last Season And This Season


January 29th, 2018

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Its a great time for Anime people…As I stated in my las post I recently became an Audio Engineer at Funimation…

What does that mean? Lol I get that a lot…well long story short I record the talented voice actors for which ever show that I am currently assigned to.

Last season…

Last Season I was the Engineer for the show ” Juni Taisen” or “Juan Taisen” and let me tell you for my 1st show it was amazing and a ton of fun. I enjoyed working with my director and every single Actor and Actress. Check out my Instagram (@Rizzo214) for behind the scene footage for each voice actor and even a reaction from me!!!

This Season…


Courtesy of: AnimeNachrichten (google)

This Season I am currently working on ” Citrus” which is classified as a “slice of life” type of anime. So far its pretty fun. There are a lot of fun moments in the show and a lot of opportunities for the actresses to show emotions. I am definitely a fan of recording the moments where the actors/actresses show the intense emotions its awesome.


Just a heads up I can only announce what I can when I can if you know what I mean…and no I don’t know any details on any other shows because everybody seems to think I do which I don’t haha sooo


…stay tuned



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