3 things you need to know about Ex -FBI director James Comey being fired

3 things you need to know about Ex -FBI director James Comey being fired

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May 16th, 2017

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Here’s a few things you need to know about last week’s firing of the FBI Director in case you missed it.

How he found out

  • He found out he was fired by watching TV. Just like a scene out the Will Farrell movie Anchorman, the FBI director found out about his demise the same time as everyone else. James Comey was giving a speech to new FBI recruits in LA, while “Breaking News” flashed across the wall of televisions behind him . Once he realized it, he laughed assuming it was a prank. Even as a former prankster, going through that to prank the FBI is a bit extreme, but what a way to get fired right?

The week before

  • Just days before his termination, he asked for more money to investigate Trump and Russia connections. Specifically Trumps business ties in the former Soviet country. In his last 3 weeks as director, Comey had escalated the investigation, going from weekly briefings, to daily. & story goes Trump’s dubious business ties were a matter of concern. In the time since then the Treasury Department, has agreed to send documents to the intelligence committees(upon request), detailing possible money laudering between Trump, his family, and associates with foreigners. & guess which country they are looking for the most? There is no telling what information Comey would’ve stumbled upon by now had his request for more funds been granted. Or had he not got fired, but hindsight is 20/20.

The day after

  • The day after he was fired he was set to testify in an open hearing about you guessed it, Trump and Russia. Just the day before his firing former U.S Attorney General, Sally Yates, & former CIA Director James Clapper, had given testimonies in a public hearing to congress, detailing the Russian hack of our election & possible collusion. & next was Comey’s turn up to bat.¬†While Yates & Clapper left much unsaid do to “Classified information” and ¬†“ongoing investigations“, they alluded to a few things that left heads scratching. So Comey’s hearing would’ve possibly been the bombshell missing link or at least added more clarity to what’s really going on. But it’s hard to testify about an investigation if you are fired for being over it.

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